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What is Audacious Mobile?

If you find it difficult to hear people on the phone, Audacious can help by personalising how sound is sent to you and matching this to your hearing profile.


Launched in August 2019, Audacious delivers an enhanced audio experience which can help up to 10 million people in the UK who have hearing loss. The service is underpinned by BT’s EE mobile network which provides the mobile infrastructure for Audacious’ voice and 4G data mobile services, as well as international roaming and wholesale billing.


By partnering with BT, Audacious gains access to the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network, with EE offering superfast 4G in more places than any other operator. As well as having access to enhanced audio services on their mobile, Audacious’ users will enjoy the unrivalled customer experience of the EE network when using data services.


The Audacious mobile service works in exactly the same way as a current mobile service with minutes and data, but it makes calls clearer too. Contracts will be rolling on a flexible monthly basis, allowing users the freedom to leave when they want.


Visit our Website to find out more. 

26 February 2020