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Relay UK

Relay UK app - December release

Latest Relay UK updates

We’ve been working hard to improve how the app works and this latest release (version 3.7) includes the following changes:


Clearer tablet display:  

  • We’ve enlarged the size of some buttons to improve the layout and appearance of the app on tablet versions


Enhanced performance:

  • We’ve improved the stability and efficiency of the app to give you a better overall performance during calls


Do let us know how the app is working for you by sending us your ‘Feedback’ (found under ‘Settings’).

What’s next

A trial version of the Relay UK app for Mac computers is coming soon.

Note: if your app is still showing as version 'v3.6.1' on the 'Settings' page, check that Automatic Downloads are enabled, or go to your app store to get the latest version.

If you've an Android phone or tablet, click here to go to the Google Play Store (version 3.7 is available on Android 9 and later)

If you're using an iPhone or iPad, click here to go to the App Store (version 3.7 is available on iOS 12.5 and later)

01 December 2021