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Relay UK

Relay UK app – latest developments

Version 2.12 of the app includes the following main changes:


Let us know what you think

  • We always want to hear what you think of the app and Relay UK, so now you can share your thoughts on what you like or think could be improved by going to the Feedback option under Settings > Feedback. You can use this to suggest new features or report an issue directly to the Helpdesk


Clearer tablet display

  • We’ve improved the layout on tablets to make better use of the extra screen space. Why not try it out and let us know how you find it by using the new Feedback option!


Bug fixing

  • You’ve raised a few minor irritations with how the app works on different devices, so we’ve put in some fixes for these


What we're working on

Development of a Windows desktop version of the Relay UK app is going smoothly and we’re planning on launching this in the autumn. We’re working hard to make a Mac version available before the end of the year. And we’re also continuing to look at how the word by word transfer of text can be made easier to use.


Note: if your app is still showing as version ‘v2.11.19’ on the 'Settings' page, check that Automatic Downloads are enabled, or go to your app store to get the latest version.

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8 September 2020