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Relay UK

Relay UK app release - latest improvements

Our latest app version (v.2.11) includes the following key changes:


Cloud backup:

  • You can now store your Favourite phrases, Saved Calls and Relay preferences in the Cloud so they're safe and you can access and restore them to your Apple or Android device after a reinstall or when setting up Relay UK on a new phone or tablet
  • Once set up, your latest information will automatically back up to your Cloud storage
  • Updated Terms & Conditions: storing information in the Cloud is subject to Apple / Google privacy policy / terms, which you'll need to agree to


Automatic re-join:

  • Sometimes an app connection can be dropped or interrupted, but we've done some work to automatically re-join calls in the background whenever we can so you won't need to


Text conversation not scrolling properly on Android

  • Some of you told us this wasn't working correctly on your Android device, so we've applied a fix to sort this out


What's new:

  • We're now giving you a quick summary of all the changes we've made whenever your app version is updated. You'll see this in the app as a 'What's new' page once you've installed the latest release - or take a look later from your 'Settings' page


What we're working on

We're continuing work to develop a desktop version of the Relay UK app. The Windows version will be ready first, followed by a MAC version later in the year. We're also continuing to review how the word by word transfer of text can be made as easy as possible for everyone to use.

Your feedback and suggestions on how the app works are always welcomed - please share your thoughts via our Contact us form.

Note: if your app is still showing as version 'v2.10.4' on the 'Settings' page, check that Automatic Downloads are enabled, or go to your app store to get the latest version.

If you've an Android phone or tablet, click here to go to the Google Play Store

If you're using an iPhone or iPad, click here to go to the App Store

14 August 2020