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Relay UK

Relay UK app – May 2022 release

Latest Relay UK update

We’ve made further improvements to the app, and this latest release (version 3.9) includes the following changes:


Better performance:  

  • We’ve fixed some minor bugs that sometimes stopped the keyboard and the ‘Join call’ message from showing. We’ve also improved the ‘Saved Calls’ function


Connectivity status on mobile phones:

  • There’s now a new indicator at the top of the screen on mobile phone apps. A white filled circle shows you are fully connected and ready to go. A dark centred circle means you have no connection. Anything in between means you have partial connectivity and may still be able to join Relay UK*

We always welcome your ‘Feedback’ on the app – just head over to ‘Settings’ and tell us what you think of the latest version.


Note: if your app is still showing as version 'v3.8.1' (or earlier) on the 'Settings' page, check that Automatic Downloads are enabled, or go to your app store to get the latest version.

If you're using an Android phone or tablet, click here to go to the Google Play Store (version 3.9 is available on Android 9 and later)

If you're using an iPhone or iPad, click here to go to the App Store (version 3.9 is available on iOS 12.5 and later)


If you're using Windows, click here to go to the Microsoft Store (version 3.9 is available on Windows 10 (1809) and later)


* The connection status indicator is only available on iPhones and Android mobiles, not on tablets or Windows computers at the moment 

20 May 2022