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Relay UK

Relay UK app update - what's new?

As part of our regular updates to the app, a later version (v.2.8.7) was released on February 10th with some new and improved features.

Key changes are:

  • iPhone calling through iPads is now enabled and we’ve included some helpful set-up instructions to get you started
  • We’ve added support for iOS 13 and Android 10’s dark mode / theme (go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Display & Brightness’ > ‘Dark’ on iOS, or ‘Settings’ > ‘Display’ > ‘Dark mode’ on Android to try this out)
  • You can now copy and paste numbers into the dial pad
  • You can choose a bigger size in the text size slider in Preferences
  • We’ve also fixed a few irritating bugs from the last version.


Coming soon, you’ll be able to export conversations to other apps as well as enjoy improvements to the recent calls screen. We’ll also show a contact name (where available) for all numbers saved in your Contacts and saved calls will be organised by contact name.

Otherwise we’re continuing to investigate how we can best improve the word by word transfer of text and include an option to use ‘GA’, as we know quite a few users have said this would be helpful.


Note: if your app is still showing as version 2.7.9 on the ‘Settings’ page, check that Automatic Downloads are enabled, or go to the app store to get the latest version.

26 February 2020