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Relay UK

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Relay UK brings relay services for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and speech-impaired people right up to date with the latest app technology.  You don't need any special kit – just download the app from the App Store, Google Play or the Microsoft Store onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer


Conversations are easy to manage and relaxed. For fluent communication with anyone, anywhere, use Relay UK.


Phone conversations a problem? Relay UK is the answer.

Relay UK app

Download the Relay UK app to enjoy fast, natural conversations with anyone  you want to talk to.

Choose your device

By simply downloading the app and linking it to your phone number, you can use the relay service on your smartphone, tablet or PC.


You can still make calls with your textphone, same as you've ever done. So there's no need to worry about changing it.


Relay UK helps you communicate in English over the phone: hearing, deaf, or speech-impaired.

Relay Assistant

Use the confidential relay service and a Relay Assistant will speak, or type what you're saying to the other person.

Type direct

You can type directly to the other person if they're also using the app or a textphone, so there's no need for the Relay Assistant.

A little bit of history

People have been using the UK's national relay service since 1991, when it was known as TypeTalk.

Back then, it was only available to textphone users (because that was the only technology available).

In 2012, Ofcom decided that UK users needed an improved relay service, one that would allow for more natural conversations on a wide range of devices that weren't around when the first relay service started: smartphones, computers, and tablets.

So, in 2014 BT launched the Next Generation Text service - now called Relay UK, which they run for everyone on behalf of all UK landline and mobile phone providers

Confidentiality and data protection from a service you can trust

Rest assured, any calls you make with Relay UK are confidential and your data is secure.

How can we be sure?

We're a regulated service

As a regulated service, we have to comply with strict guidelines and criteria that apply to all providers of relay services. Ofcom regularly reviews our performance.


We also keep all our employees up to date with mandatory training on data protection and privacy and information security.

Data protection from GDPR

We're fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means that your data is completely safe.


Our relay service is also covered by the BT Privacy Policy.

Keeping personal information secure

If you’re worried about giving personal details to the Relay Assistant, be reassured that we take security of this information very seriously.


Text conversations are encrypted when passed to and from the app to a Relay Assistant, then deleted after a call has finished.


We also have strict procedures in place to prevent our Relay Assistants noting anything down from conversations.

We stick to the rules

We screen everyone very carefully before we employ them as Relay Assistants. When they're on board, they have to stick to strict confidentiality rules.

Don't delay, start using Relay UK today

One great service, three easy ways to use it

Image of women holding mobile phone

I’m deaf or speech-impaired, using the app

Find out how to download the app and start making calls wherever you are.

Image of man with hearing aid

I’m deaf or speech-impaired, using textphone

Lots of deaf people are still using their textphones. Read how to use Relay UK with yours.

image of man on phone

I’m hearing and calling a deaf or speech-impaired person

Just because someone's deaf or speech-impaired doesn't mean you can't phone them. It's easy.