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Relay UK

The Relay UK app

Making chat easy when using the phone is tricky

Whether you can speak or hear, or neither, the app will make sure you’re always part of the conversation.


By connecting your phone to a Relay Assistant, you’ll be able to read what the other person is saying and either talk or type your response.


Real-time conversations for real life situations. 

How do I download and set up the Relay UK app?

Using the app is easy but before you can make (and answer) your first call, you need to:

1. Download the app


Search for Relay UK at the App Store for iPhone and iPad Or 'Relay UK Desktop' for Mac computers. For Android devices, find ‘Relay UK’ at the Google Store.

Or download from the Microsoft Store for your Windows 10 computer. 



Once you’ve downloaded the app and agreed to our Terms and conditions, you just need to link your phone number to it.

It only takes a minute.

3. Set up the app


Next, tell the app how you’ll be using Relay UK to communicate.

Finally, choose whether you want to backup your data, then you’re good to go!