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Relay UK


Under Ofcom’s General Conditions of Entitlement (GCE), all UK Communication Providers must take special measures for users with disabilities, including providing access to a relay service.


Read section C5.8 of Ofcom's Conditions for the full details.


Download the BT Suppliers Information Note (SIN 359) for the full service description of Relay UK.


Quality of service

People who use the relay service should be able to rely on a number of things:

 •  Their call will be answered quickly.
 •  The relay assistant will facilitate the call in a professional way.
 •  Confidentiality will be respected.
 •  Emergency calls will be prioritised.

Ofcom have set quality-of-service measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make sure that deaf and speech-impaired people receive a consistently good service. BT reports quarterly on compliance to these standards.

Measures: service performance

All measures are averaged over a calendar month and include:


 • 90% of standard relay calls answered within 15 seconds (PCA15)
 • 95% of emergency relay calls answered within 5 seconds (PCA5)
 • less than 3% of standard relay calls abandoned
 • less than 2% of emergency calls abandoned


We publish data after the end of each quarter.

Measures: supplier management performance

Measures are averaged over a calendar month:


 • more than 94% of calls correctly handled (relay assistants are monitored at least quarterly for speed of transcription, accuracy, and process conformance).
 • more than 40 words per minute (wpm) in conversation voice-to-text transcription speed (when the Relay UK user is able to receive 40wpm or faster).
 • more than 98% voice-to-text transcription accuracy.
 • less than 1 complaint per 1000 calls.


Relay UK Reports

Annual Report

Quarterly Reports

Download the 3-monthly public reports for the Relay UK service.

Customer satisfaction survey 2022

  • Relay UK - Satisfaction survey key findings - Nov 2022

    As part of being an Ofcom approved relay provider, we are required to carry out customer research every two years. The aim of the research is to measure the user experience and customer satisfaction with the Relay UK service.

    29/11/2022 pdf - 968 KB

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