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Make it easier for friends, family, and businesses to call you

A TextNumber is a unique phone number that lets people call you without having to dial the 18002 prefix.

It doesn't replace your existing phone number – it works alongside it, so your friends will still be able to text or call you (using the 18002 prefix) on your existing number as they do now.

What does a TextNumber look like?

They look like any other phone number.


If you use a mobile, your TextNumber will start with 07777.

If you use a landline phone or textphone, it'll start with 03306.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. It's free.

How do I get a TextNumber?

If you're using the Relay UK app or a textphone:

  1. Call 0800 500 888 from the phone number you want to associate a TextNumber

  2. Join the call on your app or textphone

  3. You'll see this message - 'Relay UK Helpdesk please type: 1 for helpdesk , 2 for TextNumbers GA'.

  4. Enter 2 on your app keyboard and select the ‘send’ key, or type 2 on your textphone

  5. Your TextNumber will appear on the Relay UK app or textphone screen - make a note of the number, then...

  6. Hang-up the call

Forgotten your TextNumber?

No problem.


Just follow the steps above and you’ll see it again.

Businesses, doctors, hospitals, and more can contact you much more easily on your TextNumber

Don't miss any important call-backs: get a TextNumber now.