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Make it easier for friends, family, and businesses to call you

A TextNumber is a unique phone number that lets people call you without having to dial the 18002 prefix.

It doesn't replace your existing phone number – it works alongside it, so your friends will still be able to text or call you (using the 18002 prefix) on your existing number as they do now.

What does a TextNumber look like?

They look like any other phone number.


If you use a mobile, your TextNumber will start with 07777.

If you use a landline phone or textphone, it'll start with 03306.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. It's free.

How do I get a TextNumber?

If you're using the Relay UK app or a textphone:


1. Call 0800 500 888 from the phone number you want to associate a TextNumber to.

2. You'll see this message - 'Relay UK Helpdesk please type: 1 for helpdesk , 2 for TextNumbers GA'.

3. Type 2 on your mobile or tablet app keypad, or on your textphone 

4. Your TextNumber will appear on the Relay UK app or textphone screen.

5. Hang-up the call.

Forgotten your TextNumber?

No problem.


Just follow the steps above and you’ll see it again.

Using TextNumber explained in British Sign Language (BSL)

See how to register for a TextNumber

Businesses, doctors, hospitals, and more can contact you much more easily on your TextNumber

Don't miss any important call-backs: get a TextNumber now.