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Relay UK

Use Relay UK with textphone

Can I still use my textphone?

Not everyone wants to use a mobile, tablet, or computer to make their calls. If you want to carry on using your textphone (Minicom/ Uniphone), that's fine.

You can still make calls in the usual way.

All you need to do is dial 18001 followed by the phone number of the person you want to call

It really is that easy.

1. Dial 18001 followed by the phone number (including the dialling code)

You’ll see 'Relay UK ring ring' on your textphone screen. If your call is answered, you’ll see:


1. 'Relay UK Answered, please wait for connection'

2. 'Relay UK Waiting for a free relay assistant'

3. 'Connected to Relay, please wait'


The Relay Assistant won’t come on the call if it’s not answered.

2. Type your conversation

Once you're connected, you can type or speak your conversation. The Relay Assistant will type back anything the hearing person says.

3. Enjoy your chat

The conversation will carry on this way until one of you ends the call.

How to answer a Relay UK call on your textphone

It’s the same as answering other calls on your textphone except you’ll see some different messages.

The textphone rings or flashes

You'll see 'Relay UK. Waiting for a free relay assistant', or 'Relay UK. Connected text to text' if the call was made from a textphone or the Relay UK app.


If the call is from a hearing telephone user, you'll then see 'Connected to Relay, please wait'.


Once you're connected, carry on as normal.

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