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Relay UK

Introduction of the rolling text option

Making it easier to change words as you type

We’ve introduced a new option that you can select in ‘Relay preferences’ under ‘Settings’, so you can more easily change the last word you type. This is called the ‘Rolling text’ option and when you choose this setting, you can see the last few words you’ve typed in the text entry box and your latest word is sent after a space, rather than as soon as you press the space bar. To change or correct your last word under this option, just tab back to alter what you’ve written – or let auto-correct make a change for you.  

This option is already selected for anyone installing the app from the App store, but if you’re just updating your existing app version, go to Settings and select ‘Rolling text’ in Relay preferences.

If you prefer each word being sent as soon as you press the space bar, select ‘Quick send’.

We’d love to hear how you find the new ‘Rolling text’ option, so why not give us some feedback? Simply do this from within the app or alternatively, get in touch with our Helpdesk Team using our Contact us form.


Desktop version of the app is here

We’ve now fully launched Relay UK for Windows 10 PCs and tablets* – search the Microsoft Store for ‘Relay UK’ to download and try it today.


*The app has been developed and tested on Windows 10 versions from October 2018 (version 1809) and isn’t supported on earlier versions of Windows. To check what version you’re using, click on the Windows key and look under ‘Settings’ and ‘About’. The app isn’t configured to work over Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

8 April 2021