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Relay UK

Relay UK Business Toolkit

Phone calls are a vital communication tool for 80% of the deaf community, but poor experiences leave callers frustrated and dependent on others. That leaves over 8 million people with some form of hearing loss in Britain struggling to make calls to businesses on their own and they want Companies like yours to do more to make their services accessible.


Is your business missing Customers’ through not knowing how they are trying to contact you over the phone ?

If so, download and use our helpful Business Toolkit to bring everyone working for you up to speed with how to connect to more Customers through Relay UK. It includes promotional Relay UK assets (such as posters, point of sale pop-ups, flyers and social media posts) 

How we use technology to connect with each other has changed rapidly in recent decades, but this simple service has the power to transform the calling experience for the estimated 12 million deaf people in the UK We know that bad telephone experiences are putting people off from using the phone to contact businesses, which can make certain services inaccessible. We’re urging businesses to alert frontline staff to the service and download our helpful Relay UK Toolkit, which includes educational content about the service – and what to expect when taking a call from one of our Relay Assistants. We hope that by downloading the toolkit, businesses will be able to provide a seamless call experience for their deaf customers.

Katherine Ainley, MD BT Ventures

Download the Business Toolkit here